Wood pallet project plans – Everything you need to know

With the help of these free pallet plans, you’ll be able to transform regular shipping pallets into spectacular pieces of furniture or décor that are perfect for giving as presents or displaying in your own house. The use of used wood pallets in furniture construction is not only in fashion right now but also very simple and inexpensive to do so.


Some of the projects that can be completed using pallets include a shed, a patio bar, a cooler holder, outdoor furniture, a swing bed, an Adirondack outdoor chair, a coffee table, a trunk, a dining room table, a dresser, a bed, a shelf, a wine rack, a potting bench, and even a sofa. 

Wood pallet project plans

Here we will talk about the Wood pallet project plans. These are the following:

Pallet Cooler Holder

There is a fantastic plan available on pro wood working  for constructing a cooler holder out of pallet wood. 


You may use almost any cooler as long as you construct the holder to be proportional to the size of the cooler. Be aware, however, that once you do this, you will never be able to use the cooler properly again. In order to get the best possible fit, the handles, wheels, hinges, and any other obstructions will need to be removed. In addition to that, you’ll have to remove the lid and drill through it.


This pallet cooler holder concept is so well thought out that it even includes a drain, allowing you to empty the cooler of water without having to turn the whole structure upside down. You may also add additional components to this, such as a holder for bottle caps and feet that can be adjusted.

DIY Pallet Swing Bed

Put those unused pallets and that old twin mattress to good use by constructing an incredible swing bed for yourself. All you need is a twin mattress as well as some old pallets. Naturally, the plan is adaptable, so if you desire a different size than what is shown here, you may make the necessary adjustments.


This specific concept takes two pallets plus a bit extra to obtain the necessary length, thus converting three pallets into one giant one since the pallets weren’t the precise size that was required for the foundation and because the ropes require a little room on either end.


To complete it, all that is left to do once the appropriate length has been measured and all of the boards have been set up is to suspend a rope from both ends of the structure.

Pallet Adirondack Chair

There is also a pattern for an Adirondack chair by Badlands Wood N Stuff that can be found on Instructables. This chair is ideal for use on a deck, patio, porch, or lawn. This design does not have any detailed illustrations or particular measurements anywhere in it. 

Pallet Shed Plan

It would seem that this particular project requires a lot more time and effort in comparison to the other pallet layouts that are included on this list. It involves a significant amount of extra time, as well as a number of pallets, equipment, and supplies, in addition to additional cutting. However, after you’re done, you’ll have a shed for storing pallets that is completely operational.

Pallet Sofa Plan

You can build this adorable little sofa out of simple pallet wood. We begin this design by describing all of the instruments, pieces of wood, and fasteners that are essential for the construction of this sofa. You will need a shipping pallet, four square beams to serve as legs, and two wood boards to serve as the lid and ledge of the box.

Pallet Bed

This is a straightforward plan for constructing a bed out of pallets. The plan calls for the use of four pallets, but you can easily modify the number of pallets to accommodate a bed of a different size. This design includes a wealth of notes as well as references to other publications that may be of use to you in making the most use of your pallets while constructing a bed frame. The legs of this specific bed layout are woodblocks; however, you could install wheels in their place if you wanted to make the bed more movable.

Pallet Board Shelf

A straightforward method for constructing a tiny shelf out of pallet wood is shown here. To finish this project should take around half an hour of your time.


The pallet shelf is constructed from two tiny pieces of wood that are connected to one another to make an angle of ninety degrees. The rear piece of the shelf is used to hold the knobs. Because there are many places where pallets can be obtained free of charge and the knobs that were used in this project were not costly, the total cost of this shelf came to be less than $5.

Pallet Potting Bench

This is a really simple potting bench that can be constructed from pallets and any other scrap wood you may have laying around the house. Building this potting table is as easy as taking down some boards from the pallets to use as the sides, and then utilizing the spare pieces to create the top & bottom shelf.