Bed building plans

You may construct a bed for yourself or your kid or give it as a present that will be treasured for many years by using one of the free bed designs provided here. If you found these free bed plans helpful, you may want to investigate further free woodworking designs that can be used to construct items such as a bunk bed, loft bed, desk, dresser, or bookshelf.

King-size storage bed plan

Build a king-size bed with six storage drawers following this free design. There will be three drawers on each side of the bed, and there will also be two substantial hinged compartments located underneath the mattress.

Romantic DIY bed plan 

Breathtaking intricate curves characterize the headboard of this exquisite bed design. Nobody can believe that you made this bed! But, this DIY bed may be constructed by anybody.

Hanging daybed plan

The completion of this project is anticipated to take no more than a few days, and the associated expenses are expected to be less than $500. The bed is held up by chains on all four sides, making it ideal for use on a porch or underneath a pergola.


You will be furnished with a list of all the supplies and tools you will need before you start so that you are qualified.

Planned platform bed and storage

This layout is available in various configurations, allowing it to be adapted to accommodate a twin, full, queen, or king-size mattress. There is no need for box springs since the bed comes with ten different storage compartments that encircle the base of the bed. 


A comprehensive list of the materials and resources necessary to go through the project is presented before getting started. 

Free blueprint for a queen-sized storage bed

The next concept likewise has storage space around the bed, but this one is designed to accommodate a queen-size mattress as opposed to the previous model’s full-size bed. 

Plan for a twin murphy mattress

How to construct a Murphy bed, also known as a pull-down bed or a wall bed, and estimates that the project will cost around $150. When it is completely extended into the room, it reaches slightly over six feet and stands six and a half feet tall against the wall.

DIY toddler bed

The folks whipped this adorable bed for their kiddo with the help of these free DIY toddler bed designs. The bed is in the form of a primary home. 


A twin-sized and a full-sized variant of a bed with a platform design are both available. They even provide a free blueprint for a bed rail suitable for toddlers if you need it.

A plan for a collapsible bed frame

This layout certainly isn’t as complicated as most of the ones from above, but it’s pretty handy if you move a lot and would want to carry your bed with you, as it disassembles into a pile of wood very quickly to handle. 


There are visual representations of each stage and a list of the equipment and components that will be required.

The elements that make up a standard bed

The Wood Gears bed consists mainly of what is required, which are the sides, ends, and feet. There isn’t much more to it. Because it lacks anything that might be considered fancy or fascinating, putting it together should be a relatively straightforward process. 

Free queen-size bed plan

This collection also includes a few other queen-size bed designs that are simpler to construct; nevertheless, I have included this one in case you are interested in attempting something a little bit more complicated. 


Once you start making it, you can easily see all the dimensions, allowing you to determine how to cut these components and assemble everything accurately. This design is also available in a version that is more suited for printing, including textual instructions.

The plan for a rustic metal strap queen bed

Another queen bed layout has a total of six drawers for storage. Because of the metal bars, the bed will have an antique appearance when finished. 

A plan for an industrial platform bed

Another free blueprint for a platform bed can be found here. It is simpler to construct than the one described before and includes wheels so that it can be moved about with relative ease. However, it does not have a specific compartment for storing items.