Impressive Wood Scarps Projects You Can Make

Whether they are a beginner or seasoned pro, it is impossible to find a woodworker who does not have a collection of wood scraps in their shop. Take a look at some of the extremely creative crafts that you can do with them, all of them are also really simple to do.

1. Bath Mat Made From Cedar Wood Scraps

After looking online and seeing a similar cedar mat for the price of $35, we had the thinking, “Hey, we can manufacture a nicer one for less.” You can construct one too, and it just requires three simple steps. You will just need some scrap cedar and some standard power tools to complete this project.

2. DIY Coasters from Repurposed End-Grain Lumber

The opportunity to experiment is what keeps me coming back to do-it-yourself and woodworking projects again and again. It’s a standard practice that people save the leftover from their work in a hoard. So, I need to go through them and turn them into something useful every few months. These end-grain coasters are entertaining because of the variety of designs that can be made from a single board.

3. Contemporary Key Hanger

Constructed from two strips of contrasting wood, this ingenious key ring can be assembled in about an hour. Each group of keys comes with its own individual fob, which is able to fit in the gaps between the spacers. You won’t have to worry about losing your keys since the spacers and fobs both have opposing bevels. Because you won’t need a lot of material and because it will be hung on your wall, feel free to spend on some gorgeous wood and then get to work on your project!

4. Scrap Wood Catapult

If you’re anything like me, after a project is finally completed, there are a lot of scrap pieces of timber left behind. It would seem pointless to throw it away. Instead, put it to use in the construction of this clever little catapult. You may either leave it on your desk at work to irritate your colleagues or give it to your children to play with. Because the only power tools we needed to construct this small catapult were a jigsaw and a drill, even a novice will have no trouble putting them together.

5. Cutting Board Made From Scrap Wood

Although it may appear difficult to construct, this cutting board is really rather simple. To put it simply, all that is required of you is to cut the wood into strips and then glue them together. We utilized pieces of walnut and maple, each cut to an increment of 1/8 inch, but the possibilities for customization are almost unlimited. We improved our design with each round, which brought us to a total of four iterations.

6. Shelf Made From Scrap Wood for Computer

A few pieces of scrap wood and a nail gun are all you need to construct this simple but practical computer shelf for your desk. The one that is shown was constructed by us using a sheet of plywood measuring one foot by two feet & two pieces of a one-third board cut to a length of twelve inches. The plywood was fastened to the boards with the help of a brad nailer after that.

7. Branches Display Shelving for a Cottage

Are you in a need of a special shelf for your display shelf? You may build this shelf out of tree branches and other natural materials. Simple as that: make the supports out of branches, screw in a shelf, and mount it to the wall. Putting it in the house will give it a fanciful forest vibe.

8. Wall-Hung Coat Rack That Flip Down

This DIY coat rack will be a practical addition to your house and can be styled anyway you choose. We went for a little bit of quirkiness and used ebiara (red zebra wood), but really any seven-inch broad waste wood would do. Cutting the angles into the moving components is the only challenging aspect of this project. We cut using a handsaw and a makeshift miter box, but you could just as easily use a power miter saw and a plastic store-bought miter box.

9. Industrial Bookends

Any bookshelf may benefit from the addition of bookends since they are a simple method to divide the space and provide personality. You won’t need anything more complicated than a drill and a saw to construct these commercial bookends. You may make them unique to your style by selecting a different kind of wood, applying a stain, or even painting them. We utilized wood that had a Golden Oak stain applied to it, and the pieces were made of black steel.

10. Wall-Mounted Rack Wine 

This wine rack may be easily adjusted to fit your needs and is straightforward to build. Using some leftover 2×6 board and an afternoon should be enough to get the job done! Not only is it useful, but it also has a lovely design that would look great hanging on the wall in your kitchen or dining area.

11. Wood Scrap Cube Puzzle 

When it comes to woodworking, it might be enjoyable to take on projects that are a little bit unusual (or even cube-shaped!). This puzzle cube is made of wood, and it only takes about an hour to put together; nevertheless, it is far simpler to put together than it is to solve! You may either use it as a present or keep it for yourself to use as a stress reliever.